A 10-year-old boy breaks the world record for stacking cans

A 10-year-old boy from Maryland, United States, broke a Guinness record by stacking 21 cans of food into a pyramid in 30 seconds.

Liam Kalbskopf, a fourth grader at Walkersville Elementary School, set the record for the most cans stacked in a pyramid in 30 seconds in the under-16 category, eventually building his six-story structure out of 21 cans. of vegetables and other foods. The previous record was 15 cans.

“I thought being a bit famous was a great idea, as long as no one came to my door to get my attention. I wanted to feel a little more special in the world,” Liam said.

According to Liam’s mother, Sherri Lewis, documenting this feat was a feat in itself, as Guinness required visual proof that the cans were unopened, a cover letter, a photo of Liam’s birth certificate, a video of the attempt with a stopwatch and a witness statement.

Liam also thought about breaking the record for most socks worn on one foot in under 30 seconds, but said it was out of reach after someone broke the record in September with 22 socks.

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