A Beauce footballer agrees with an NCAA team

The 19-year-old offensive lineman received a scholarship from UConn. He will join the team in the 2020 season, after having played a last campaign in Quebec college football.

I’m tryna push more cast iron than I was already pushinglaunches the player of 6’5” and 270 lbs, excited and above all motivated since he signed the agreement, he who was also courted by the universities of Buffalo and Syracuse.

The smile on the lips

After taking part in an evaluation camp at the University of Connecticut last June, the footballer from St-René en Beauce was entitled to a private meeting with head coach Randy Esdall and his line assistant. Offensive Frank Giufre.

Leaving the coach’s office, the young Quebecer no longer asked any questions.

They immediately offered me a scholarship, he says. I understood that they really wanted me. It’s very fun to hear. I had a big smile on my face and it seemed that I was happy.

« Their playbook interested me a lot and I liked how the coaches acted and how close they were to their players. »

A quote from

Christopher Fortin, about his future team, the University of Connecticut Huskies.

In addition to promising him a good education, housing and a meal allowance, which the university puts at US$30,000 per semester, Fortin received assurances that he would be helped in his efforts to make the transition between Canada and the United States.

A winning team to build

Fortin, however, will join a team that has been unable to achieve success for several years.

The Huskies posted just one win in 11 games last year and are 18-55 since joining the American Athletic Conference in 2013.

It is true that in recent years, things have perhaps been a little less good. But, they are currently changing the culture of the team. They bring in guys who want to work on building a winning team.

« My goal has always been to help my team become better. It didn’t bother me to say “yes” to the Huskies. »

A quote from

Christopher Fortin, offensive lineman, Cégep Beauce-Appalaches Condors


The Huskies seem to have a penchant for Quebec players.

When Fortin joins the ranks of UConn, there will be five players from La Belle Province in the team’s locker room.

One of those players is quarterback Jonathan Sénécal, whom many consider to be the most beautiful hope in the history of Quebec football.

Without knowing them personally, I know that I will be able to speak in French with these guys, who are already there. We will support each other. It helped me in my decision.

Christopher Fortin will find other Quebecers in the Huskies, including quarterback Jonathan Sénécal (right).

Photo : Radio-Canada / Martin Leclerc

Christopher Fortin expects to play a reserve role when he arrives in Hartford. But he intends to give everything to quickly find his place among the starters.

It would surprise me to be ready in my first year, but I will try to shuffle the cards.

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