A billion dollars to be won in the American lottery

In the United States, the amount at stake in the Mega Millions lottery reached 1.35 billion dollars (about 1.25 billion euros). A sum which, however, was not won in the draw on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

These are winnings that would make more than one dream… This Tuesday, January 10, the amount of the lottery Mega Millions in the United States has reached $1.35 billionor more than 1.2 billion euros, according to information relayed by our colleagues from Ouest France. A sum that has not yet found a taker. Last November, an American had already won $2.04 billion in the Powerball lottery.

If the amounts are so exorbitant, it is mainly because the United States has a large number of inhabitants. Residents who also turn out to be players. Even very playful. Each year, an American spends an average of 1,000 dollars, or 930 euros, on lottery tickets, according to figures from CNBC. And since the sums involved come from ticket sales, these are logically high.

Regarding the next draw of 1.35 billion dollars, it will take place this Friday, January 13, 2023, a lucky day for the most superstitious. If there is a lucky winner, he can then receive this sum in 29 annual installments. If he wishes to have this sum all at once, he will receive “only” 708 million dollars (658 million euros), according to the calculations of Forbes.

Even the most convinced skeptics

With strong media coverage, these lotteries manage to convince even the most cautious to buy a ticket. Especially when these sums involved are very substantial. In the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries, about half of the proceeds from ticket sales go into the pot of the potential winner, the company said. ABC string Carole Bober Gentry, spokesperson for the Maryland Lottery and Mega Millions.

For the rest, part of the sale of lottery tickets goes to the various states. Everyone can then use them. In 2021, for example, lottery ticket sales reached $4.3 billion in Ohio. This State has therefore decided to use 1.36 billion for its education programs. In other states, it may be used for various programs.

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