A boy saves his sister from an armed robbery

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The accident occurred when Ethan Walker was sitting in the back seat next to his 6-year-old sister last Thursday, while his mother, Christine Walker, was refueling the car, and the mother was surprised when a man got off from another car and jumped into the driver’s seat in her car.

The mother told the Alabama website that she tried to jump on it and pull the key from the car, but the man pulled a gun and forced her to retreat, and in those moments her son acted quickly by pulling his sister and jumping out of the car before the accused moved her away.

Police were later able to track down two suspects in the incident, Kendarian Turan (18 years) and Eric White (23 years), and put them in detention.

The police said that they would honor the boy for his courage, while his mother expressed her enthusiasm for this and her feeling of pride in her son’s calmness and the speed of his response.


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