A case was opened against the head of Navalny’s headquarters in Krasnodar due to “propaganda of non-traditional relations”

A protocol was drawn up against Anastasia Panchenko on “propaganda of non-traditional relations.” Coordinator of Navalny’s headquarters in Krasnodar statedthat this is due to her stories, in which couples kiss.

Panchenko published two photographs. In one picture, two young men were kissing. On the other – two girls, and an activist with a poster: “Love is stronger than fear” was standing nearby.

According to the report, the young people “carried out tactile touches with their lips to each other,” and minors also have access to Anastasia Panchenko’s instagram. “If you think this is funny, then right now a protocol is being drawn up on her,” wrote lawyer Mikhail Benyash, who published a photo of the documents.

Preview image: teamnavalny_krd / Instagram


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