a collaboration that we did not see coming

There are two types of people in the world, those who love Crocs and those who hate them . It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the first or the second, this note will make you curious, yes or yes, because it’s a collection that we didn’t see coming. Do you like Kentucky Fried Chicken? If your answer is yes, then you will want to have this collection in your closet at all costs. The shoe firm joined forces with KFC to create two models: KFC x Crocs Bucket Clogwhich have an extra high platform and the KFC x Crocs Classic Clog, the classic design. Both have the iconic dish of the fast food company printed on it. The best of all? ¡they smell like fried chicken and in addition, each of the pairs is accompanied by dos Jibbitz shaped like a KFC chicken leg so you can accessorize them.


Crocs The collection will be available this spring for $60 The KFC x Crocs campaign stars artist, rapper and model MLMAY and was first unveiled in Paper Magazine . “The Crocs and KFC collaboration seems high fashion to me,” says MLMA. “Because they’re doing something different that’s fun and creative. To me, it’s the same aesthetic as Skoot (their own brand) – there are no rules or limits, there’s nothing you can’t do. When you’re having fun and doing something no one else try, that’s when you go viral.” Here is the video of the campaign and surprise yourself even more with the collaboration. https://youtu.be/kuq6F8HH61k Crocs has previously worked with Balenciaga , Post Malone , Drew Barrymore, Barneys and even with China Town Market.

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