A collective squats an unoccupied pavilion before pleading the cause of its owners

HOUSING – The People’s House has promised to leave the accommodation soon, which belongs to a vulnerable elderly couple from Nantes

The story could have degenerated or dragged on, like several recent examples. But to Nantes, the occupation of an unoccupied house is coming to an end. Four days after “the citizen requisition” of a pavilion in the Doulon district by members of the People’s House, causing numerous reactions, particularly political ones, the group indicates that the evacuation should be organized very soon. “The 115 contacted us to ensure that the families were taken care of”, explains the Maison du Peuple, which had sheltered several migrant families with children, denouncing “the inaction of the State”.

In the meantime, contacts had been established between members of the owners’ family, a couple of vulnerable elderly people, and the association. Initially tense relations with the filing of a complaint which seem to have turned into compassion, to such an extent that the members of the Maison du peuple say they were “touched to the heart” by the situation of the owners of the accommodation in which they entered by breaking in.

A couple of vulnerable octogenarians

According to a testimony of the family collected by the daily Ocean Pressthese octogenarians under guardianship and placed in Ehpad, who had themselves built their(…) Read more at 20 minutes

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