a diver bitten by a fish with almost human teeth

In Egypt, a diver was recently bitten by a triggerfish, a fish known for its teeth resembling those of a human being. The attack was apparently aimed at defending the cubs from a female.

One could believe that humanity has discovered a new occupant of the depths, whereas this one is finally quite well known to specialists. This story is about Alex, from the US state of l’Alabama and who, not long ago, was scuba diving in Sharm el-Sheikh, a city from Egypt (is).

While changing course, a diver bitten by a fish that was defending its young

Alex, as reported by The Sun, was part of a group of eight divers. At one point, the strong current forced them to take another course. The group then found themselves swimming above a nest. This is where a fish popped up and came to bite Alex. The animal, male, was obviously trying to defend the young hatched by the female.

“I thought I had been ripped in the skin”

The diver thought his injury was particularly significant: “I thought I had been ripped in the skin and bleeding – you can hear me screaming bad words underwater.” The fish in question happens to be a triggerfish. It is easily recognizable by teeth strongly reminiscent of those normally contained in the mouth of a human being.

The ballista, very aggressive

The triggerfish is very aggressive for several reasons. Like here, where he was defending the female’s eggs, but he can also attack divers to protect his territory or, more simply, out of hunger. In the present case and after the fact, the attacked diver says he has no resentment towards the fish, who thus felt his family was in danger.

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