A dog found a newborn baby wrapped in a blanket, abandoned in the park by her mother

The dog was taking a walk with her owner in a park when she became interested in a blanket that was on the side of the road. When he realized what was underneath, he did not hesitate to warn.

Hel, a husky living in Birmingham, UK, became a hero. The pet went for a walk as usual with his owner, Terry Wlash, when he encountered a strange object.

The animal began to gently push a blanket that was on the side of Kings Norton Park and noticed that there was something underneath.

Terry cree that it was precisely the little push of his dog that made the baby react and cry. Hel’s owner was stunned to realize what his dog had found and fortunately acted quickly.

The little boy was turned over to the authorities. This allowed it to be reviewed by health experts shortly after.

Now, the authorities guarantee that the baby is well. The boy was christened George by the hospital workers who are caring for him.

According to local media, the little boy could have been born the same day he was abandoned and found.

“Hel was sent from heaven to rescue the baby”, he claimed the owner of the pet, according to Telecinco.

Wlash explained that if another dog with a different temperament or any other animal species had found it, the baby could have suffered significant physical damage.

The baby found under the blanket.  │ Photo: Facebook / West Midlands Police Capture

The baby found under the blanket. │ Photo: Facebook / West Midlands Police Capture

The news has caused such an impact that several local people have asked the authorities for the opportunity to award Terry’s dog a medal.

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At the moment, it is being investigated who could have been the person who left him abandoned in the park.

Everything seems to point to a 20-year-old girl who was seen at the scene shortly before the dog found the little one. The authorities point out that it is extremely important to also know the mother’s health status.

An abandoned baby was also found recently in the New York subway. To know this other particular story of AmoMama, enter this article.

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