A dog ran away from the nursery and walked more than 11 kilometers to return home

23 February, 2021 10:07

The dog ran away and scared everyone when she disappeared from the nursery, but caused admiration when she appeared alone at home.

The dog Daisy, who traveled 11 kilometers to return home

Dogs suffer more than we think when they are separated from their owners, and when little dog ran away, He showed what he was capable of doing in order to return home. She had been temporarily left at a pet nursery, but she missed her owners, Phil Blakeway and Charlotte Webster.

The British couple live in Drayton Bassett near Tamworth, but many times they leave their pet at a nursery outside Birmingham when they are away for long periods of time for work. But apparently the dog did not have a very good time in that place.

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Last Thursday, at 7:30 in the morning, they were called from the nursery to let them know that the little dog ran away. Charlotte, a 29-year-old doctor, posted the photo and description of the dog on social media for local people to help her locate.

She was very concerned because the nursery is more than seven miles from her home, and there are two dangerous highways along the way with heavy traffic and full of trucks. It was a very difficult area for a dog to roam alone.

The dog Daisy, who traveled 11 kilometers to return home
The long journey that the dog Daisy made, of more than 11 kilometers

“Between our house and the place where she disappeared are the M42, the M6 ​​Toll and numerous truck roads that serve North Birmingham,” said Charlotte. He never imagined that the dog could orient herself to find her way back home.

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However, she was warned that she had been spotted near the Belfry Hotel and Kingsbury Water Park, so she was getting closer. And by then, he had already crossed the two dangerous highways.

The couple began searching the area, and hundreds of neighbors who had seen the post helped search for Daisy. But at night, tired and distraught, Charlotte and Phil returned home, almost without hope of finding her. But a pleasant surprise awaited them:

“When we entered the driveway, my headlights illuminated the porch we had left open and there was a very embarrassed and tired Daisy, awaiting our return. I could see he was moaning and his tail was going a million miles per hour when he recognized the car, ”Charlotte said.

The dog Daisy, who traveled 11 kilometers to return home
Phil with the dog Daisy, when he found her in Sri Lanka

The dog ran away because she is very attached to them: she has been in their house for more than three years. Phil found her abandoned on the streets of Sri Lanka when she was a puppy in 2017. When he recovered and gained weight, he took her home to Drayton Bassett.

“I was so surprised. Never in a million years did I think that she would be able to find her way home. We had lots of hugs and there wasn’t a dry eye between us. “

Source: Daiy Mail

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