A dozen Republican senators formally object to the results of the electoral college

Nearly a dozen Republicans in the US Senate are calling for a commission to audit the results of the 2020 presidential election. If the commission is not formed, these elected senators would threaten to formally oppose the election by the electoral college of President-elect Joe Biden. However, none of these measures would have a real chance of altering election results.

The U.S. Congress is expected to meet on Jan.6 to certify the electoral college’s votes in the 2020 election, but a small group of Republicans are now dissenting. According to an NBC News report, the group threatens “to reject voters in contested states as not being” regularly donated “and” legally certified “(the legal requirement), unless and until such time. 10-day emergency audit be completed. ” It would create more work for Congress and likely further undermine public confidence in the election, but has virtually no chance of changing the actual results, analysts say.

The dissidents are the current Sense. Ted Cruz of Texas, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, James Lankford of Oklahoma, Steve Daines of Montana, John Kennedy of Louisiana, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Mike Braun of Indiana, as well as New Sense. Cynthia. Lummis from Wyoming, Roger Marshall from Kansas, Bill Hagerty from Tennessee and Tommy Tuberville from Alabama. That is, eleven senators in total, all of whom signed a public declaration stating their threat.

Senators’ objection would not have enough support to go far. Such an objection must be signed by the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, and then it must be approved by both chambers by a simple majority. Otherwise, the electoral votes are counted as usual. This will likely be the case here if these senators follow through on their threat.

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Dozens of investigations, audits and prosecutions have been carried out into the 2020 presidential election, and none have uncovered evidence of widespread voter fraud or voter forgery. Biden won the election by a huge margin, meaning that many states would have to be overthrown in order to alter the election results. No evidence of electoral fraud, even close to this scale, was found.

Yet many lawmakers, pundits, and average Americans are increasingly concerned that officials harbor conspiracy theories like this. Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota called this objection from her fellow Republicans a “publicity stunt.” She continued: “It’s undemocratic. It’s not American. And fortunately, it will be a failure. In the end, democracy will prevail. ”

Congress will meet on Wednesday January 6 to certify the election results. President Donald Trump and some supporters continue to promote election conspiracy theories to this day.

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