A fascinating video shows the impressive leap of a dolphin when a rainbow emerges



The stunning video has garnered over 555,000 views and over 15,000 likes.

The joy of watching dolphins jump is simply contagious. Now an old video showing the giant sea creature leaping out of the sea, also against a rainbow in the background, is gaining ground on social media again.

The short film was shared on Twitter by a user named ‘Science Girl’. She captured the magical moment a bottlenose dolphin leaped out of the water as a rainbow appeared above him. In the caption of the post, the Twitter user revealed that the video was taken by photographer Jaymen Hudson on a beach in Western Australia.

Look the following video:

Since being shared, the shocking video has garnered over 555,000 views and over 15,000 likes. In the comment section of the post, many netizens called the video beautiful and amazing.

“He is so cute? When the dolphin splashes back into the water, the rainbow disappears,” wrote one user. “It’s pure magic,” said another.

A third user commented, “I was mesmerized by the beauty,” while a fourth user said, “What a beautiful moment.”

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Hudson shared the video on Instagram in October of last year. His post received nearly 100,000 likes and thousands of views. “Bottleless dolphin jumping over rainbow, Esperance WA (Western Australia),” he captioned the post.

Meanwhile, speaking of dolphins, earlier, a video showing two Dolphins crash into a large school of salmon and caused chaos on social media and shocked internet users. The clip was captured by Jason Moyes, a professional fisherman and tour guide known as Trapman Permagui, off the coast of Dura, Australia. He shared the clip on Facebook, which showed the impressive scene. His post received more than 40,000 views and hundreds of comments and likes.

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