a first image of “Dear Zoe”, his next film

Sadie Sink, the interpreter of Maxine Mayfield in “Stranger Things” is also building a promising career in cinema.

Revealed in season 2 of the Netflix series “Stranger Things”, the American Sadie Sink established itself as the essential character of season 4available in full since 1is July. His performance in Episode 4, “Dear Billy,” received critical acclaim. And its connection to Kate Bush’s “Running Up The Hill” track will undoubtedly remain one of the strongest in pop culture.

But the young actress of 20 years does not stop there. She is soon expected in the feature film “Dear Zoe”. A first official image has been published by « Deadline », in an article dated July 19. The outlet also reveals that it is set to be released in the United States next November. No French date has yet been communicated.

A teenager after the 2001 attacks

In this film adapted from “Dear Zoe”, a novel by Philip Beard released in 2005, she plays the main role of Tess DeNunzio, a fifteen-year-old high school student, marked by the death of her sister Zoe (Mckenzie Noel Rusiewicz) during a hit and run, the day of the September 11, 2001 attacks. While living with her mother (Jessica Capshaw, known for her role as Arizona Robbins in “Grey’s Anatomy”) and her stepfather (Justin Bertha, seen in “Atlanta”), she decides to move in with her father (Theo Rossi of “Sons of Anarchy”) and start a new life to overcome this…

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