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The Frankivsk woman raised 17 children on her own. This was told in the report “TRK RAI“.

A resident of Ivano-Frankivsk, 40-year-old Elena Kuzmenko, has already raised 17 children on her own. All her children are adopted, but the woman loves them like family.

Elena dreamed of a big family all her life. She adopted her first child when she was 20 years old.

“I just graduated from college and so it happened in my life that I met a little boy, and he was in an orphanage for children. I first visited him, then became attached to him and formalized custody over him,” said Elena Kuzmenko.

After that, the woman decided that she would take several more children into her family after she got to her feet. So, a few years later, Elena adopted another girl. Now these children are already adults and have their own families. In 2011, Elena took several more children and her housing was given the status of a children’s home.

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Elena Kuzmenko with her family, frame from the RAI TRK reportage: YouTube

Elena Kuzmenko with her family, frame from the RAI TRK reportage: YouTube

Elena moved to Frankivsk from the city of Alchevsk, Lugansk region more than 6 years ago. She lives in a rented apartment and during this time she has adopted several more children. According to the woman, she does not have any difficulties with their upbringing.

“It is difficult when one or two, but when it is already more than five, then already … five or ten does not matter. Nothing complicated. Children are ordinary people. We communicate, they do something, not always the right way, it is and in native families this is, there are some problems, in upbringing, in behavior, but we decide everything “- added Elena Kuzmenko.

The children in Elena’s family are very friendly, always support each other and help her around the house. This year, amid a pandemic, the woman had to teach her children at home. Elena admitted that it was difficult, but she was able to cope with it.

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The woman turned to all Ukrainians and emphasized that they should not be afraid to take their children into the family.

“There is nothing complicated here. All children are good. They will love you,” Olena Kuzmenko emphasized.

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