A Frenchwoman with a real Russian soul lives in Pereslavl-Zalessky

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She was born in France, but with a real Russian soul. Laurence Guyon has been living in Pereslavl-Zalessky for almost five years. She is in love with places where, in her opinion, Russia still smells like the one that was in the days of Alexander Nevsky and Ivan the Terrible. And into the Russian spirit, which Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote about.

– Oh, who is to blame for whom? Who is to blame for whom? Guilty, guilty.

Singing in Russian is more pleasant, Laurence admits, just like talking. Although he still thinks in his native language. She fell in love with Russia while still a schoolgirl. Then she graduated from the university – she studied Russian philology. But she decided to move only in 94th. And then she made, perhaps, the most important discovery in my life.

– I felt at home. Then I had fun with the Russians. I thought: they have such a terrible life and they have fun, and they have fun with them, – said Laurence Guyon.

This paradox both amazed and attracted her, but not only him. Back in France, Laurence discovered Russian literature. And now she takes up most of her library.

– I have everything in Russian now. Here on the sidewalk in the 90s a complete essay worth 50 rubles.

This is Laurence’s pride and love. The Russian writer closest to her heart.

– He actually converted me to Orthodoxy. I read Dostoevsky and discovered what Christianity is.

Laurence dedicated her book Yarilo to the themes of faith and spiritual quest. It is artistic, but with a historical flavor. Events take place in Russia, and the main character is the oprichnik Fedka Basmanov.

– A little sorcerer, witch doctor. So that’s why Yarilo. But in the course of the book he reveals the Orthodox faith.

Laurence writes not only books, but also paintings. There are Russian expanses, birches, domes. But sometimes nostalgia rolls over and France appears on the canvas. But not modern, but that from childhood, with the bell ringing of temples and the smell of blooming peaches.


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