A Kentucky neighbor shovels snow from his house in slippers and a bathrobe…with a flamethrower!

With the arrival of winter, heavy snowfall returns and especially in the United States, where the streets are often covered under a thick blanket of snow. The same thing has happened to a neighbor from Ashland (Kentucky), a state in the southeast of the country, where a white tapestry surrounded the entrance of his house.

Timothy Browning, neither short nor lazy, used his flamethrower to melt the snowflakes accumulated during the last days of Christmas at the entrance of his house. No blades.h

In a video recorded by a neighbor of his and posted by Browning himself on Facebook, which has gone viral, it is seen how Browning clears the access to the entrance of his house with his “weapon”. The snow remover even ‘shoots’ a couple of times into the air, as if celebrating his victory against the white element.

The protagonist could not help but share his experience and post two videos on his Facebook profile that allow us to see the process from another point of view.

Browning snow services. God bless Merica!

Posted by Timothy Browning in Friday, December 25, 2020

In the video you can see how Browning leaves his house with nothing more than a robe, slippers, socks and drink in hand. While smoke a cigarette, clear all the snow from his yard starting with the same entry. As it progresses, the driver of a vehicle who notices the situation honks the horn.

Browning’s outfit appears to emulate the fictional character Cousin Eddie, in the 1989 Christmas movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. “Browning’s snow services removal is now available!” the person in charge says at the beginning of the video. of the recording.

“Some people use a shovel, others use a flamethrower!” he wrote in the post.

The video of this Kentucky resident has even been shared on the profile of the American actor Will Smith en Instagram. “I grew up in Philadelphia. There were many days I wish I had a flamethrower!” wrote the artist.

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