A lawsuit over the census and the count of undocumented immigrants ends in Alabama

Washington, May 4 (EFE News) .- Alabama has abandoned its lawsuit against the United States Government that sought to exclude undocumented immigrants in the Census figures that determine the political representation of states in Congress for a decade.

The lawsuit was initiated in 2018 by the state government and Republican Representative Mo Brooks, and preceded then-President Donald Trump’s 2020 attempt to exclude undocumented migrants.

The Census is carried out in the US by constitutional mandate every 10 years and based on its figures, political representation in the federal Congress and the Electoral College, and billions of dollars in federal funds for housing, education, health and services are distributed. social.

“This week marks the end of Alabama’s disgusting attempt to revert to the past when the US Constitution failed to treat all people as equals in the distribution of seats in the House of Representatives,” said Thomas Saenz, president of the Fund, on Tuesday. Mexican American Education and Legal Defense (MALDEF).

“The 14th Amendment (to the Constitution) enacted after the Civil War clearly states that ‘the entire number of people in each state’ must be counted for the decennial distribution,” he added.

In his view, Alabama’s “harmful theory” that the undocumented “are not people under the 14th Amendment is totally inconsistent with the text and interpretation of the Constitution.”

In December, the Supreme Court of Justice rejected, by six votes to three, a challenge to Trump’s plan to discount the undocumented in the distribution of political representation but did not rule on the then president’s initiative.

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Due, mainly, to the delays caused in the 2020 population census by the covid-19 pandemic, the Census Bureau presented its results just last week to President Joe Biden who, after his inauguration on January 20, decreed that the provisions of the Constitution be complied with.

The population count caused changes in the political map, as states such as Texas and Florida won seats in the House of Representatives due to their demographic increases, which has caused California, Pennsylvania or Illinois, among others, to lose power at the federal level with these new data.

In fact, California, a long leader in population growth, has lost a seat in that chamber for the first time in history.

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