A man accused of murdering an elderly couple in Massachusetts is arrested in Miami Beach | Videos | Univision 23 Miami WLTV

forward the details innews 23.mario: good afternoonMario Vallejo accompanies them.He was captured in Miami Beach onallegedly responsible for thedeath of two elderlymassachusetts.the police of that state hadasked everyone for helpnacón to find the whereaboutschristopher kelly, the 27thyears, and the state islooking for supposedlybeat some to deathgrandparents, we go live withjennifer santana so that weamp.good afternoon, mario, friendsviewers, this Friday the 2nd ofcalled, upon arrivalthey met a manI had a head injurymemorial, where it remains incitic condition, little aceafternoon miami beach policelearned christopher, accusedto murder this coupleelderly in massachusetts, bywhat the police thinkthis violent act of manwith the head injury,this is still lowinvestigation.the bodies of vicky matson andcaerl matson were found inyour home with obvious signs oftrauma, a friend of the suspectasked the policechecked the house, told him thatcouple, but apparentlyrecently been askedthis mega said manI was acting like apsychotic person and said thatI felt the need to hurtto people, includingcouple I was with. thesubject was arrested in the areafrom 41st street, made asthese concern residents andtourists.>> i didn’t know miami was inthat point, since Miami is atourism, and it is tourismonly, and right nowwe come becausewe feel safein this area of ​​miami, and givesvery sorry that they are happeningthose things, it is better to look forGod, because you see what it ispassing, men killingwomen, women killingmens,both bodies last Tuesday,court documentsindicate that the coupleprobably died before, thenext year they would celebrate 50 yearsof marriage, they are survivedchildren and grandchildren, his funeral will be

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