A man claims to have recorded a Bigfoot in Michigan causing all kinds of theories

The accounts of encounters Bigfoot, findings of animal remains and very large and difficult to catalog footprints in some forests have sparked hundreds of theories over the years. It was at the beginning of the 20th century when research began on this mythological animal, but all the evidence collected always indicated that it was a joke. Even the FBI carried out a research at the time he concluded that there was no evidence to suggest that a Bigfoot truly existed.

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However, to this day there are still people who claim to have seen a Bigfoot. This has been the case of a man who was sailing down the Cass River in Michigan when he recorded a large brown animal carrying something in its arms.

A man claims to have recorded a Bigfoot in Michigan causing all kinds of theories

The man recorded the images while kayaking on Michigan’s Cass River

Youtube/ Rocky Mountain Sasquatch

In the video that does not last even 5 seconds, a standing figure can be seen in the distance crossing the river, which does not show any type of interaction with the man in the kayak who was recording it and continues walking.

The man who spreads the images explains to the organization Rocky Mountain Sasquatch: “I’m not sure what it is, but I sent it to some people to see what they would say,” adding that “Some say Bigfoot is carrying a baby Bigfoot, others say Bigfoot is carrying a captured deer.”

YouTube users have not been slow to give their theories and opinions about the alleged Bigfoot sighting: “It looks like a guy with wellies crossing the Cass River, a lot of people fish there,” and another adds: “Imagine when the guy he sees this and realizes the world mistook him for Bigfoot. ugh… that’s annoying dude.”

Others have scoffed: “It’s easy to conclude that this is a Bigfoot wearing fishing boots and a mosquito net and carrying his dog across the river to keep him dry,” says one user with a laugh.

A man claims to have recorded a Bigfoot in Michigan causing all kinds of theories

The reactions of YouTube users when watching the video

Youtube/ Rocky Mountain Sasquatch

The video has gone viral reaching almost half a million views. Although today there are still people who believe in the existence of this mythological being, the vast majority of YouTube users claim that it was a man fishing or that it was someone who was trying to play a joke by disguising himself as this mythological being.

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