A man in a stag costume posed for photos as the violence unfolded on the U.S. Capitol. We know who he is E! News UK

Violence erupted on the U.S. Capitol during the congressional session on Wednesday as a group of armed supporters of Donald Trump stormed the building.

Soon after, photos and videos of the violence began to go viral. In the middle of all the photos, one stood out: Of a shirtless man wearing a deer antler hat; her face painted red, white and blue. The shirtless horned man in the middle of the US Capitol protest naturally grabbed everyone’s attention.

The shirtless man with the horns has now been identified by two US media outlets AzCentral and WRIC like Jake Angeli. According to reports, Angeli is a QAnon supporter who has participated in right-wing political rallies in Arizona for the past year.

Angeli was seen in photos from Washington, DC, amid protesters who turned violent and stormed the building.

At one point, Angeli was seen on the dais of the US Senate. He posed for a photo by flexing his right arm; his left held a spear from which hung an American flag.

Since at least 2019, Angeli has stood outside the Arizona Capitol shouting about various conspiracy theories, most related to the very diverse beliefs adopted by QAnon.

Angeli, in a 2020 interview with The Republic of Arizona, said he wears the fur cap, paints his face and walks around shirtless with ragged pants to attract attention, reports AZ Central.

In February 2020, Angeli worked the crowd outside a rally in Phoenix for Trump.

He held up a tattered sign that read “Q sent me” and asked the crowd if they knew about the plot.

A May 2020 interview also saw him in the same costume.

People are now calling for his arrest since he was identified.

Unverified videos appear to show a woman who was part of the protests on the floor inside the Capitol and was bleeding after gunshots broke out momentarily. Police kicked out the last of Trump’s supporters from the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday after storming the building and disrupting Congressional certification of Democrat Joe Biden in the election.

U.S. media have quoted House of Representatives and Senate sergeants-at-arms as saying the Capitol is now secure, about four hours after it was first attacked. A dusk-to-dawn curfew has been declared by Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser, who has requested National Guard assistance to help restore order to the nation’s capital.

Police in riot gear had set up a perimeter around the Capitol building, which was attacked by Trump supporters after the president addressed a nearby rally in which he repeated his baseless allegations electoral fraud.

The country’s elected officials scrambled to squat under desks and donned gas masks as police unnecessarily attempted to barricade the building, one of the most shocking scenes to unfold in a seat of political power American. A woman was shot dead inside the Capitol.

In the aftermath of the violence, some Cabinet members are holding preliminary talks on invoking the 25th Amendment to force President Trump’s impeachment.

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