A meeting to raise awareness of cancer in women will be held in Máfil

Learn about self-care and how to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

That is the objective of the meeting that will take place this Saturday 26 in Máfil and that is organized by the Sumemos Salud Corporation within the framework of the Mujer Ahora Tú campaign.

The activity will take place from 11 am at the headquarters of the Neighborhood Council No. 13 Alabama.

“We invite all women and the community interested in this issue to participate. It is a free event that only seeks to contribute to raising awareness of cancer, which is the leading cause of death in the country”, said the president of the Sumemos Salud Corporation, Soledad Ojeda.

In addition, he called for the resumption of health examinations and controls. “Due to the pandemic, there was a lot of postponement and that is affecting late diagnoses. We place a lot of emphasis on women being able to go to their health centers to request their hours for PAP tests and mammograms, if applicable, ”she pointed out.

In addition, Ojeda thanked the mayor Claudio Sepúlveda and his municipal team for their willingness to collaborate in this educational activity that this weekend reaches Máfil.

Previously, this type of talk has been carried out in Reumén, Llifén, Corral, Río Bueno, Antilhue and Valdivia.

The professionals who will be answering questions from attendees are: Dr. Pamela Ehrenfeld, researcher and director of the Graduate School of the Uach School of Medicine; Dr. Tabina Manque, primary care physician.

Midwife Mabel Ríos, head of the Valdivia Hospital Breast Pathology Unit, midwife Javiera Castro, Valdivia Hospital Breast Pathology Unit; psychologist Makarena Parra and María Paz Salinas, anthropologist.

The Mujer Ahora Tú campaign has a grant from the Regional Government of Los Ríos and has the collaboration of Prodemu Los Ríos.

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