a nature lover who enjoyed free time with his grandchildren

A 67-year-old man drowned when he was dragged by the current of the Manso River, 70 kilometers from Bariloche, in the province of Río Negro, when trying to cross the watercourse while fishing.

The fact was known this Wednesday, but it occurred on Tuesday when the man identified as Raul Horacio Beron –who traveled on vacation from the capital of Neuquén – fished in that place, with his grandson already a group of people, and tried to cross the river, whose current ended up dragging him.

According to local media, the grandson and the group of friends lost sight of the man and immediately requested help from the police personnel, who minutes later arrived at the scene with divers from the Naval Prefecture (PNA) of the city of Bariloche.

The Manso River is born on the slopes of Cerro Tronador and crosses through Bariloche.

Berón would have been in the middle of fishing when he tried to find a better position that took him to a deeper sector of the river, local residents told Clarín.

The boots he was wearing would have begun to fill with water and the man was quickly swept away by the current. The tributaries of the Cordillera are usually strong and of low temperatures.

Those who were in the vicinity, they say in El Bolsón, observed the dramatic sequence, but could not reach it as the river pushed it and covered it.

Berón was a few days ago visiting the region where he has relatives. They remember him as a true lover of nature. A native of Choele Choel, Valle Medio de Río Negro, he had been living in Neuquén for years, where he worked in the oil industry.

Endearing grandfather looked forward to the moment of returning to to practice your favorite sport with your grandchildren.

In one of his stories uploaded to Facebook last October, he reminded him of one of them: “Get ready, the fishing season begins.”

Berón was not an improviser in the matter. His days off were dedicated to touring the rivers of the region. In the company of his family and friends he could be found fishing in boats or from the coast.

She enjoyed both fishing itself and setting up a campsite near the coast and lighting the fire, where the fruit of the day would later be cooked, according to her memories left on social networks. So his knowledge of the activity was extensive.

River Plate fans kept as a treasure a shirt signed by Roberto Perfumo. “For Raúl embrace de gol riverplatense”, wrote legendary Marshal in 2006.

Finally, during the afternoon, the Prefectura divers found the man’s body and then he was transferred to the judicial morgue.

In this regard, Oscar Zapata, Deputy Commissioner of Police Station 12 of El Bolsón, confirmed that “The man tried to ford the river when he was swept away by the current.”

The Manso River is a natural water course that rises on the slopes of the Tronador hill and flows south into Argentine territory, until finally crossing the border into Chile, where it empties into the Puelo River.


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