A new lion in the zoo killed a lioness in the first minutes of meeting

A new lion at the zoo in the American city of Birmingham, Alabama, inflicted injuries on the lioness and killed her in the very first minutes of meeting. About it informs AL.

A lioness named Akili was born in 2005 at the Colorado Springs Zoo, Colorado. In 2007, she was moved to the Birmingham Zoo, where she lived with an African lion named Kwanza. In 2011, their cubs were born. In 2021, Kwanzaa died.

Zoo management has chosen a new male for Akili, a lion named Josh. When they decided to introduce the big cats, the new lion immediately rushed at Akili and seriously injured her. As a result of the attack, the lioness died.

“Animal dating is always risky, as wild animals can behave unpredictably and we cannot control their interactions. Unfortunately, Akili was seriously injured in the first few minutes of the meeting. Although veterinarians and zoo staff intervened immediately, she died,” the zoo explained.

“The loss of an animal is always sad, but when it happens so suddenly and unexpectedly, it is especially difficult to survive,” said zoo president Chris Pfefferkorn.

Previously reportedthat in the Iranian city of Erak, a lioness killed a zookeeper while feeding and escaped with a male partner. A pair of lions wandered around the zoo until they were caught by security guards and police officers.

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