A new vice-president of sales for GreenPower

GreenPower, the manufacturer of zero-emission heavy and intermediate trucks founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has just gained 36 years of sales experience. By naming Claus C. Tritt in the position of vice-president of sales for its commercial vehicles, GreenPower has secured the services of a recognized heavyweight in the transportation industry in North America.

Claus C. Tritt, the new vice president of commercial vehicle sales at GreenPower. Photo: Linkedin

Originally from Germany, Mr. Tritt, who started his career in an airborne regiment in the West German army, then entered the vehicle industry via Mercedes-Benz in Germany.

After several years and several positions within a Mercedes dealership, Mr. Tritt was transferred to the United States, in 2001, in the Freightliner Custom Chassis division of the group.

After a stint in charge of the fleet division of DaimlerChrysler in the United States, between 2003 and 2009, Mr. Tritt took over the reins of the commercial van division of Mercedes-Benz USA.

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A salesman at heart, Mr. Tritt retired after 30 years of loyal service to Mercedes. A retirement that quickly turned into a business opportunity when he bought a luxury car dealership in Birmingham, Alabama. Before accepting the position at GreenPower.

He sees in this company an almost unlimited development potential. GreenPower’s opportunity for continued growth is staggering, says the principal. I look forward to positioning GreenPower as a specialist offering leader in the EV (Electric Vehicles) space and advancing the culture of this customer-centric sales organization. »

Operating primarily in Southern California, GreenPower manufactures 100% electric mid- and heavy-duty high-floor and low-floor vehicles. In addition to trucks, the company manufactures buses for public and school transport, shuttles, chassis-cabs and vans.

For the president of GreenPower, Brendan Riley, the addition of Mr. Tritt is the missing link that will propel the company to the firmament of its market. “Claus brings the experience and knowledge to lead the continued growth of our EV Star truck and van platform. »

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