A nine-year-old boy saved his sister from an armed criminal: Incidents: From life: Lenta.ru

A boy in the American city of Moody, Alabama, rescued his younger sister during an armed theft of a car at a gas station. This is reported by the New York Post.

On Thursday, January 7, pregnant Kristin Walker (Kristin Walker), along with children, drove to a gas station and got out of the car. Nine-year-old Ethan Walker stayed in the backseat with his six-year-old sister Audrey.

Suddenly, the man got out of a Chervolet car parked nearby and jumped into the front seat. “I literally jumped on him and pulled the keys out of the ignition,” said Christine. But the culprit pointed a gun at her.

At that moment, Ethan quickly jumped out of the car, ran around it and pulled his sister out. The suspect drove off in the Walkers’ car.

Christine is grateful to her son for a quick response. “Ethan was so calm, cool and collected during this incident,” she said.

Police later detained two suspects, 18-year-old Kendarian Toran and 23-year-old Eric White. They will later face charges.

Earlier it was reported that a girl from the American city of New Franklin, Missouri, saved her family from death in a fire. After waking her parents up, she went to her 16-year-old brother’s room.

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