A painting by Winston Churchill with an estimate of $ 677 thousand put up for auction at Christie’s

Painting Scene at Marrakech (“Scene in Marrakech”), created by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965) and estimated at almost £ 500 thousand (over $ 677 thousand), put up for an English auction Christie’s, reports TASS citing the Daily Mail.

The painting (1935), donated by the author to British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery (1887-1976), is being auctioned for the first time. According to the head of the department of contemporary British art at the trading house Nick Orchard, “such a gift is a testament to the friendship and deep respect that the Prime Minister had for the military leader.” “This work of art by a renowned political figure, an accomplished artist, is one of the best paintings he painted in the 1930s,” added a spokesman for the auctioneers.

Churchill became interested in painting when he was already over forty years old, but managed to create more than 500 canvases in his life. Most of these works are in private collections or belong to the descendants of the politician.

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