A patient is removed from the heart transplant list in the US for refusing the Covid vaccine

Updated Wednesday, January 26, 2022 –

The 31-year-old patient was on a priority list at a Boston hospital but refused the vaccine because “it goes against his basic principles”

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A hospital in the American city of Boston has refused to perform a heart transplant on a patient for refusing to receive the flu vaccine Covid. D.J. Ferguson, 31, was on the preferred list for a heart transplant at the hospital Birmingham and Women’s, but the center has removed him from the list because he refuses to be vaccinated, reports The Guardian.

“It goes against his basic principles, he does not believe in the vaccine,” explained Ferguson’s father, “so they have decided to apply a hospital policy and have taken him off the transplant list.”

The hospital has issued a statement to support its decision: “As in many other transplant programs in the United States, the vaccine Covid-19 is part of the vaccines and lifestyle criteria required for candidates in the sistema Mass General Brigham, with the aim of maximizing the possibility of success of the operation and the survival of the patient after the transplant”.

The decision of the Boston hospital has been supported by many doctors, who stress that the immune system is extremely weak after a transplant, so vaccinations are even more important.

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