A pilot from Alabama on Apple Books

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It is the dream of flying that Bessie Bates created in the late 1940s
Alabama dreams. For three years she has been struggling every day on the
Airport to get their pilot’s license. But Bessie is one
Woman and colored. And in the US in its day there is unchallenged
The racial separation. As Bessie one day the dog tag of hers
Falls into the hands of his father, a pilot and war hero who is at
Mission lost in Europe, she decides to find his trail
to record. Her first stop: Paris, where she got a job as a co-
Pilot receives. And already she is one step closer to heaven …
»Liberty Bessie« – the queen of the skies! A story about the
Aviation and the history of aviation based on the deeds
the “Tuskegee Airmen,” a group of African American pilots who
flew in World War II.


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