A plane with the military crashed in Mexico (VIDEO)

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Plane crash in Mexico
Photo: youtube / screenshot

In Mexico, a jet passenger plane crashed with the military on board.

It is noted that all six people on board were killed. About it reports edition of El Universal.

The Learjet is known to have crashed near the town of Xalapa, Veracruz.

The country’s defense ministry later reported that the plane crashed during takeoff from El Lensero airport.

The reasons for the plane crash are being investigated by experts from the commission to clarify the circumstances of the plane crashes.

Earlier Cursor reported that a military plane crashed in Nigeria.

We also reported a US military plane crash.

The plane crash with a helicopter occurred earlier in the north of Israel, not without fatalities.

In Brazil, a plane crashed with football players.

In the United States, a plane crashed into a residential building.

It was also reported that a rescue helicopter crashed in France. In the east of France, a helicopter crashed while performing a rescue operation.

Rescuers found the crash site of an Indonesian plane.

Prior to this, a video appeared on the Web from the moment the Indonesia plane crashed, which, a few minutes after taking off from Jakarta airport, disappeared from the radar.

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