A player from Colón wanted to avoid a control, they chased him and tested positive for alcohol

Gian Nardelli, a soccer player from Colón de Santa Fe, tried to evade a police control early on Friday, escaped, was arrested and finally ended up testing positive for alcohol in Reconquista, in the north of the province of Santa Fe.

The “Sabalero” squad is already on vacation and therefore, the players take the opportunity to rest and also return to their hometowns, as in the case of the defender who was in his hometown around 00:30 when he fled from the routine control carried out by traffic officers.

This action led to the immediate pursuit of the motorized police who managed to stop him a few blocks away. After managing to stop the car from moving, they identified it and carried out the alcohol testwhich threw a positive result of 0.74 g/l of alcohol in blood when the provincial maximum allowed is 0.5.

The traffic inspectors, who assured a local media outlet that the player was driving at high speed through the streets of Reconquista, proceeded to retain the car and draw up the corresponding report.

Nardelli, 22 years old, he had a total of 16 games during the season, in which he participated in 12 for the Professional League, three for the League Cup and one for the group stage of the Libertadores, in which he only entered one minute in the last game against Peñarol of Uruguay.

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