A police officer overdoses after being exposed to a large amount of drugs in Florida. look

Police in Tavares, Florida, released images showing the reaction of a police officer exposed to a high dose of fentanyl, present in the personal effects of a driver, during a traffic stop.

Officer Courtney Bannick was saved by her colleague when she found drugs on the passenger of a vehicle checked on the side of the road. The policewoman fell to the ground and remained unconscious.

Fortunately, his co-worker responded immediately by giving him a dose of Narcan, a product to combat opioid overdoses. The dose was not enough and the policeman gave him two more doses. She eventually regained consciousness and was rushed to hospital.

Bannick found narcotics – which police said contained the deadly drug – in a rolled up dollar bill inside the vehicle. Soon after, she started having trouble breathing. Watch the video. Warning, shocking images:

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