“A prophet is closer to believers than they are”?

09:28, 07 January 2021

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Love for the Prophet Muhammad. (Photo source: freepik.com)

Allah Almighty in Surah “Allies” says:

“The prophet is closer to the believers than they are, and his wives are closer to their mothers. According to the injunction of Allah, blood relatives are closer to each other than believers and muhajirs, unless you do good to your friends. So it was written in the Scripture (the Kept Tablet) ”(Al-Azhab, 6).

This verse may cause confusion among some people, especially among those who have recently begun to study the religion of Allah Almighty.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cared for people more than they took care of themselves. He devoted himself entirely to spreading the truth among people and saving them from the fire of Gehenna. In fact, he has done more for all of humanity than anyone else in history. Therefore, we must love him more than we love ourselves.

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This article contains a small part of all that you can love the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). To love him even deeper, you need to study his biography. Otherwise, our faith will be incomplete.

Allah’s Apostle once said: “By Allah, none of you will believe until you love me more than yourself.” (al-Bukhari). What does it mean to love a prophet more than yourself? It means following his example and putting his commands above your desires and above the satisfaction of other creatures. Only in this way can a person achieve full-fledged faith.

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Muhammad (peace be upon him) freed the hearts of hundreds of millions of people from such useless character traits as pride, arrogance, envy, hostility, greed, sycophancy, anger and many other diseases of the soul. How can we express our love for the best of people ?!

Commenting on this hadith, Imam Abu al-Zinad (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “Love is divided into three types: love of reverence and respect, for example, love of parents; love of mercy and care, like love for children; and friendly love. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) combined all three types of love. “

Muhammad ibn Ali (may Allah have mercy on him) wrote: “To follow an example from the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) means to imitate him, follow his sunnah and refuse all words and deeds contrary to him.” (Kadi ‘Iyad. Kitab Ash-Shifa’ 2/9).

O Allah! Grant us the happiness of being with him on Judgment Day and grant us his intercession!

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Significant periods of time such as Rabi ul-awwal give us back the symbolic significance of certain acts of worship, one of which is Salavat.


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