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The university has managed to impact the professional lives of hundreds of students from more than 35 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

By E&N for UTH Florida University

Ángela Kohler left her country to start a new phase of her life. In Colombia she had studied Psychology at the University of Antioquia, upon graduation she entered the National Learning Service (SENA), where she worked for 17 years and held various positions, especially management.

His experience also includes working at the Ministry of Education (for 20 years), during which time he alternated his work with his master’s studies and specializations in the areas of Education, Management and Law.

But, already in new lands, he decided to continue studying, this time at UTH Florida University, United States, his new country of residence.

Kohler has an outstanding career, he obtained the Latin American Leaders Awards, the most important recognition in Central Europe for Latin American Leaders working in Sustainable Development and Innovation.

He has also written two books that are available on Amazon.com and is part of the many success stories of students who have completed their studies at UTH Florida University.

The house of studies opened its doors seven years ago, during which time it was consolidated as an option for students from all over the world who seek to grow in the United States with a certified degree in that country.

“The value of this university is that it uses innovative technology and methodology at affordable costs,” said Kohler, who first chose to study Administration and Marketing and then continued with his higher education with a master’s degree in International Business.

“It was a wonderful experience because the method they use is the case study and this leads us to solve real situations; the teachers and administrative staff are very professional,” he noted.


Another case is that of Gabriela de Sanctis, an Argentine national, who had a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and obtained a Master’s Degree in Law, in Mexico City, as well as a Paralegal graduate from the University of Miami (UM), but who decided to continue with his studies with a Masters in Human Resources Administration at UTH Florida University.

After graduating, he dedicated himself to writing, and has managed to publish two books, while -in his business life- he also decided to open online companies, GD Coaching Miami and GD Jewelry Miami, achievements that he directly relates to his training in the United States.

“All of this was possible thanks to the knowledge acquired through this excellent university, which gave me the necessary tools to expand my knowledge in the administrative part of my companies and personnel management,” said De Sanctis.

The professional points out that studying for the master’s degree was “a very positive and wonderful experience”, given the warmth and professionalism of both the professors and their classmates and the availability of easily understandable teaching materials.

De Sanctis invited people who want to receive an education at a high academic level, “do not hesitate to go to UTH Florida University.”


“No one can take away what you study,” his father used to tell the Honduran Mauro Mejía, advice that he knew how to apply in his life, which is why he decided to study at the Honduran German Technical Center (CTHA) and the Technological University of Honduras ( UTH), where he graduated as an engineer.

Later, he ventured into the textile world as production manager of an important maquiladora company with more than 1,000 employees.

When he arrived in the United States, he developed Lean Production projects for manufacturing companies seeking efficiency and effectiveness in their processes; however, despite the fact that he was doing well, he felt that his work was very routine. That’s how his life took an unexpected turn.

He started working in a restaurant, where he put into practice everything he learned at the university and thanks to his skills he grew in the company. “I proposed the technical development of a training program for all positions. It was a success, ”she recalls proudly.

Immersed in the world of restaurants, Mejía worked for international brands Smith & Wollensky, Rusty Pelican, and BLT Prime, among others.

Mauro Mejía, who is passionate about education, recounted that, in his desire to stay updated, he found UTH Florida University, a house of studies that stands out for its online learning system to graduate as a Bachelor of Business Administration and Masters. in International Business such as the Master in Administration and Marketing Mejía said that the university met his needs based on the flexibility of schedules and the advantage of having up-to-date content of the subjects and that include the study of the cases of the University of harvard.

He affirmed that, thanks to his experience and the tools acquired in the entity, he is currently part of the corporate group led by one of the most passionate international restaurateurs for the art of hospitality: Santiago López, COO of Divieto Ristorante.


UTH Florida University was founded in 2014 and has the support and vision of the leaders of the Technological University of Honduras (UTH), but has an independent operation in the state of Florida.

The model allows people -of various nationalities- to achieve a university degree in the United States, in fact, it currently has students of more than 35 nationalities and 60% of its active students reside in that country.

Since its founding, the university has been led by its executive director, Ronald A. Lacayo, who led the licensing process to operate as a university in the state of Florida and the United States.

The entity has License Number 5315, granted by the Florida Independent Commission, which was issued for the first time in 2015 and is renewed annually.

Lacayo has more than 40 years of experience in various industries such as education, telecommunications, manufacturing, consulting, banking and finance. He is an MBA, graduated from Harvard University (1979) and Industrial Engineer, degree obtained at Georgia Tech (1975).

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