a report from the wedding of the searchers who found each other in the detachment

Gently ash with silver, black and white, the magnificent wedding dress of the bride is complemented by brutal berets, a royally stylish hairstyle and a look shining with happiness. The monochrome image is complemented by a bouquet with spruce paws, viburnum berries and roses – both gentle and extravagant. A stately tall groom in camouflage uniforms also stands out. The original solemn registration of unusual people with big hearts was held in the registry office of the administration of the Novobelitsky district of Gomel. Correspondents BelTA learned an extraordinary story about how two people found each other, who for many years have been helping the residents of the Gomel region in search of the lost.

Ringed, enchanted

Friendly hugs, sincere smiles, good jokes and congratulations. Closer to noon, the foyer of the registry office, and after it the rooms of the bride and groom, are filled with people in khaki suits, as well as with leather paraphernalia.

Camouflage uniforms and, to some extent, biker accessories are the distinguishing features of the guests – representatives of the two communities “Avtomotodruzia” and the search and rescue squad “Simuran”. Actually, these teams connected the lives of the bride and groom – Olga Topaller and Yuri Berezyuk.

In such a friendly company, the question “Which side are you from?” implies the name of the communities, and not kinship with the bride or groom. However, all the guests do not need to introduce each other. Together and more than once they organized many charity projects, gave a feeling of happiness and a holiday to those who especially need it. In such an environment, the newlyweds met. But more on that later.

“Today you have created a family in order to walk your life path together, preserving love and mutual respect. In difficult moments, remember this moment, love-filled eyes of each other,” Anna Mishina, head of the regional registry office, conducts the classic part of the ceremony in the solemn hall.

Before signing his marital union, Yuri, gently stroking the beautiful Olga, jokingly clarifies: “Are you sure? Think before it’s too late. There are still a couple of seconds to change your mind.” The hall is filled with the friendly laughter of friends.

The creation of a new family was also recorded by witnesses.

The witness is a volunteer of “Simuran”, the witness is the head of “Motorists”.

After a couple of minutes, Olga and Yuri exchange symbols of the infinity of love – rings. “So they ringed each other,” one of the guests jokes again. This is more than teammates – a real family that sincerely rejoices and shares the first family moments.

The first gentle matrimonial kiss to a standing ovation and a friendly “Hurrah!”. They admit that they did not rehearse the first dance, but this moment became all the more valuable.

The mother of the bride touchingly congratulated, hugging the couple. Something tender whispered in Olga’s ear and her youngest son Miroslav.

“Let the magic of your warmth and love turn into a family fairy tale. Give each other warmth and kindness,” Anna Mishina wishes.

As a gift to the new family – a musical performance in which little dancers almost hovered above the floor like white angels.

The brutal company did not deprive a couple of such cute moments as rose petals, mini-photo shoots. They continue to celebrate this holiday with a large family.

Found each other, or connected by one idea

Two isolated communities “Avtomotodruzya” and “Simuran” often organize charity events together for those who want to give their warmth. These are orphanages, shelters, nursing homes. Volunteers unite people who are not indifferent to the grief of others. So they combined into one line of family life and two destinies.

Olga, an experienced motorist, initially joined the Avtomotodruzya community. As the head of a creative ensemble, she helped create a holiday for sponsored organizations. And Olga saw her future husband for the first time among the “Automotive Friends”, which, together with the Simuran detachment, held actions and concert programs. Olga, as a creative person, always shone brightly.

“I didn’t even hear about the search and rescue detachment, headed by Yuri. But he noticed me, as he said then, a little funny laugh. And for me he was such a gray cardinal. I immediately seemed very silent, very serious. First time called him only on you and almost in a whisper,” the bride smiles.

Meanwhile, the Simuran search and rescue team has been helping residents of the southeastern region for 10 years, and not only to search for missing people. Volunteers go out in search at any time of the day or night, often interacting with law enforcement officers, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and other departments. Yuri suggested that Olga also try his hand at search work.

So a creative person, music teacher of the Brilevskaya secondary school, Olga Topaller, became a volunteer in the rescue and search squad. There I got to know Yuriy Berezyuk better, not only as the head of Simuran, but also as a surprisingly profound person. Gradually we got to know each other better. By the way, in the detachment Olga acquired not only new friends, but also a sonorous thematic call sign Notka. Her chords in raids to find missing people are also noticeable. And not only because of the sonorous voice, optimistic mood. True, the first exit was remembered by her for a long time. Even then, she realized for herself that she could and should contribute to their noble cause.

Olga now remembers the first search for her. It is recognized that it was very difficult even morally – and they had a sad result. Then they were looking for a young man near Zhlobin. Desperately trying to help, the volunteer herself fell knee-deep into the icy water of the swamp. It all seemed like such a small thing. Especially when they found the guy. Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Olga says with a smile that Yuri always supported, taught all the subtleties. “He has some kind of instinct, as people say. In some incredible way, he just feels where lost people can be. And this feeling has helped us out so many times. When everyone says that you should not go in some direction “There definitely can’t be anyone there. But everyone listens to him, go where he points, and find a person. He is a real leader, knows how to firmly insist on his own, everyone listens to him. He is valued and respected both in the police and in the Ministry of Emergency Situations , with whom they often interact,” she says with love in her voice.

The heroine admits: she immediately felt that Yuri is her person, with whom you can confidently go through life. “What is caring, a strong shoulder on which you can lean,” the wife already notes.

And even at such a moment, the Gomel woman does not miss the opportunity to talk about friends given by fate itself.

On the power of indifference

For 10 years, the detachment has been based solely on enthusiasts, volunteers, and the support of caring people. “The backbone, or the basis of the detachment, is 50 people who are ready to leave at any time of the day or night. Also, many caring people join the search. It often turns out that the search takes place at night. their relatives are waiting until the very end at home for their return, which is why volunteers often have to announce a collection immediately after returning from work and immediately go in search, and go back to work in the morning,” says Olga.

Searches rarely look like searches. Different life situations, different circumstances. It is also psychologically difficult when elderly people are lost and die, because they are also someone’s parents, someone’s relatives and friends. “The search for a four-year-old boy was one of the most massive. The detachments came from Minsk, Smolensk. Then everything turned out great – the baby was found,” the volunteer tells story after story.

And it can be very difficult for volunteers physically, especially when weather conditions don’t “whisper”. According to Olga, even through the forests sometimes you have to comb the very jungle, where it seems no one will pass – and there are people. “When a person loses his bearings, he starts to panic, sometimes he makes a breakthrough like a beast. And indiscriminately, in a state of panic, he overcomes even impenetrable jungles. Therefore, the most important thing in such a situation is not to panic,” emphasizes the head of the detachment.

Simuran has become a way of life for those whom it unites. Otherwise, volunteers can no longer. And we are ready to welcome in our ranks all those who are not indifferent: neither the specialty, nor the profession, nor education, nor any skills are important. “Everything will be taught and an inexperienced person will never be abandoned. There will always be experienced volunteers nearby who will help and support. The most important thing is desire. If you have a big heart, part of which you can share, then nothing else is needed. Only the desire to help is important. We have a very friendly and diverse company of different ages.The only caveat is that we only involve people aged 18 and over for searches.And from those who want to help younger, we accept help only in distributing orientations – these are both students and schoolchildren who can like, forward, help with distribution information. Such assistance is also very important,” the volunteers say.

As life shows, there is no extra help. Once an 11-year-old boy was lost in the Novobelitsky district of Gomel. We started with the dissemination of orientations. They were sent literally everywhere: in social networks, instant messengers, chats, channels, etc. So, one of the passengers of the trolley bus opened some kind of chat right on the way, saw the orientation. It turned out that opposite, right in front of him, the same boy was sitting. “It was a perfect great search. This is proof that every like counts,” smiles Olga.

Olga and Yuriy note that every minute, every repost and timeliness of the appeal are important in the search direction. “You can’t wait. If the heart is out of place, worry about someone close, immediately seek help. There were cases when a child was late from school for 2-3 hours, the mother worries, because this has never happened before. It’s better not to lose time to call: the hype will start sooner – the child will be found sooner. Yes, it was also such that we gathered a detachment and prepared to leave, and my mother calls back with apologies that the child has returned and everything is in order. Everyone will only exhale with relief and be happy for the family. The most the best searches are those that did not take place,” Simurans emphasize.

Every year of work “Simuran” – hundreds of applications, dozens of saved lives. There are no random people in the squad. Most of those who once come to the detachment stay here for a long time. “Recently, people have become more indifferent. They do not pass by someone else’s misfortune,” the couple say hopefully. Now their hearts are filled with special feelings that can warm many more hearts.

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