A simulation theory convinces TikTok users

At present, there are a vast number of unsolved mysteries in the universe, a fact that has led humanity to theorize an explanation for everything that happens around us. This time, An eccentric theory that we live in a simulation has become a trend on TikTok, and more and more users are betting on it.

A simulation theory convinces TikTok users

In recent months, the famous simulation theory expounded by Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom in 2001 has started to gain traction on TikTok. The hypothesis came to the social network thanks to Heidi Wong, who recorded several videos in which she argues why it is likely that all of our reality is part of a digital program controlled by more advanced beings.

After the publication, users began a debate about the probability that this fact is a reality. Despite the criticism, new users have begun to join who believe in the theory that exposes a concept similar to what happens in the movie Matrix.

Wong cited various graphic advancements in video games as evidence that both we and our world are part of a simulation. In addition, “of all these simulations, there is only one base reality, so statistically it is more likely that we are in a simulation,” said Wong.

Several influencers join the new trend

Various TikTokers have started to endorse the idea of ​​being digitally controlled by higher beings. Among them Scarlett Mills, Emily Montgomery, Ashley Lanese y Nikki Jain. In fact, Elon Musk, the second richest man in the world, has also confirmed his belief in this hypothesis, according to YourTango.

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“Basically, we live inside a video game. This makes sense if you think about how realistic video games are getting by the day. Also, all the little flaws you see in the world that are inexplicable would make sense behind this theory. “

Nikki Jain, TikToker.

So far, there is no way to prove the veracity of the simulation theory that haunts TikTok. This hasn’t stopped users who have started posting what they call “Matrix glitches,” exposing situations that occur without explanation.

Via YourTango

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