A small company will build 30 racetrack Ford GTs from scrapped chassis in 2005

The Ford GT It is the current supercar of the American brand and it is a sensational model, but there is a company that has proposed to go further by making a special one. Is about a small company of Pontiac, Michigan, who will build 30 racetrack Ford GTs with scrapped chassis from the 2005 model.

We must not forget that it was already 18 years ago when Ford He wanted to revive his iconic car from the 60s. Yes, the most recent one is more modern and advanced, but that one tried to reinterpret the keys of the original model. In fact, it even kept its general features in aesthetics.

In short, that was a spectacular car that only a few could buy. However, now there is a chance to get hold of a special one. There are 30 chassis that were scrapped then and that they are unused, which have ended up in the hands of the GT1 company. What could be done with them? More cars, of course.

However, making a conventional Ford GT would be too easy, so the idea has been to create racing cars thanks to team members Matech Conceptswho raced these cars in the GT1 and GT3 categories years ago.

In this way, the result is an incredible machine, with a lightweight carbon fiber body and a huge rear wing. Thus, the chassis and the bodywork were already there, but the most important thing was missing: the mechanics. This is where the final icing has been provided, with a Roush Yates RY45 427 cubic inch block and two Garrett G35 turbos.

Thus, its creators point out that the motor del Ford GT1 It delivers about 1,419 horsepower and is capable of reaching 9,000 rpm. Without a doubt, this will translate into an unimaginable response and elements such as Multimatic DSSV dampers will guarantee that the behavior is adequate on any circuit.

In short, this is a real toy for lifting the asphalt of any track and GT1 affirms that they have carried out all kinds of tests to reach the best result. Thus, it is clear that it will not disappoint the lucky 30 who can buy it, who will have to pay 1.2 million dollars, which in exchange is €1.13 million.

In theory that is the price of the 4 copies that will be manufactured this year, since the production process is scheduled to last until the end of 2025. Therefore, if you want one, you will have to wait to have it. Of course, you can already reserve it, so you better not wait to go for it. Let’s not forget that it will be extremely exclusive…

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