A teacher from Louisiana will teach English in Porvenir

HFour weeks ago, Kacey Ball, an English language teacher of American origin, arrived in Porvenir. She had been living in Chile for a few years, but due to family problems she had to travel to her country first before settling in the Fuegian capital, where she will take English language classes. Anglo-Saxon at the Bernardo School O’Higgins since this week. Kacey’s arrival was made possible thanks to the contribution of the Nova Austral salmon industry, which hired her as part of her corporate social responsibility plan.

In principle, the educator will teach in the first semester with pre-school courses (kindergarten and pre-kindergarten) and from the second with first and second basic education, giving science workshops in English. Kacey Ball was born in the state of Louisana, where the climate is very different from Tierra del Fuego, she clarifies: “There are many swamps there, so it is very hot, winter is like two months, with much less cold and there is no snow” , details.

She refers to the above due to the fact that she recently arrived on the island with her Chilean husband, she did not find a home and a friend gave them a house on a plot of Baquedano cordon, where there was a small gas heater, a wood-burning stove and no electricity. reason why the marriage -with two small children- strongly felt the Fuegian cold. “It was more like a refuge, before finding a house for rent in John Williams, last week. But all good, ”she notes.

For now, her husband, who is a tour guide and whom she met in that activity when she did the same job in Puerto Varas, is going to work in Nova Austral itself, until later in the summer she can exercise her profession. While Kacey studied elementary education in the US, she has a graduate degree and has a 2-year master’s degree. But she learned Spanish in our country, when she traveled at the age of 24 through an exchange with her university, to take science classes in English at the Thomas Jefferson School in Concepción.

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state of louisiana

Kacey Ball was born in the small city of Baton Rouge (Louisiana), of about 200,000 inhabitants, a former French colony and today an active oil center, with the intention of leaving the state and the country, traveling and learning Spanish. “It was the way for them to offer me a job and to get to know the school in Chile. Living in the United States is like being very confined, although it is very big, but it is like the whole world is the United States and when you go out, you realize that the world is much bigger.

“From the news you realize that there is Hollywood, Mexico and Europe and that was it. That’s why I wanted to leave, for personal development. I knew something about Chile, I read a lot about Allende and Pinochet, for me it was very interesting because this is a unique country because they changed from dictatorship to democracy without civil war and that is rich in knowledge. Chile is like all countries, the same in each place there are differences: the north of Chile is very different from the south and the south of Chile is much more different from Patagonia. I lived in Valparaíso, in Viña, in San Pedro de Atacama, in Concepción, in Los Angeles, I have spent a lot of time in many places, in the south in Osorno, Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas”.

“And now that this job came out in Porvenir, my husband and I wanted to come here, because we liked the Magallanes Region better, and he could find a job, so it was better. The same for our children (Beatrix, 10 years old and Tristán, 3).

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