“A toy must have a story.” Michurin craftswoman makes dolls from the Soviet past with the help of cotton wool

Natalia is a business person. As soon as the idea catches fire, it does not shelve it (otherwise it will lie there), but immediately brings it to life. And he finds his muse in Soviet photographs, cinema.

– I always watch New Year’s old films with great interest, where there are some Christmas trees. I look at what toys hung on those very old Christmas trees, how they looked, what Santa Clauses were, what is their highlight, what is their attractiveness, why are they so popular today.

According to Natalia, making cotton toys is not so difficult, and besides, one of the most budgetary types of creativity. The main thing here is manual labor. In the past, they tried to mechanize the production of such toys. Special spindle machines were invented, and toys were made by the winding process. But still, in their creation, manual labor was preserved to the maximum.

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