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“I want to be a child, foreverToys “R” Uskids,favoritetoySurrounded by ~♪”commercial songThere are still many people who can singThattoyHowever, it seems to be an ironic situation that all of them have been replaced with “guns”.

 AmericaoriginatedtoyMass retailer”Toys “R” Us” is a poor business, and in the United States2018, all 735 stores were closed.The following year, the new companybrandThere are many stores that have taken over and revived, but have not gotten on track and have been left unattended.

Meanwhile,ArizonaIt is said that the store in Yuma, the state, was used as it was in the Toy’s R Us building and was turned into a gun store.

[Image]Is a toy store a firearms store?

 the internetandSocial mediaverify the authenticity ofwebsite”Snopes“teeth,twitterAbovesharewas “Toys “R” Usturned into a firearms store”, in order to find out the truth,Google mapverified by

 September 21sttwitterAlong with the two pictures above,ArizonaState of Yuma closedToys “R” UsThe store is now a firearms store.”sharewas done.

The billboard pictured aboveToys “R” UsBut the picture below says “Firearms Unknown” is a signboard.Ex-Toys R UscolorfulThe decoration remains the same.

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 google mapabove,2021as of MarchToys “R” UsThe store remainsemptyHowever, from February of this year, firearms mass retailersopenseems to have become

As if to back it up, in July of this yearFacebookuserchanged this image toshareis doing.

Many years ago this storeToys “R” UsIt was, but now it’s different.But why is it that the color scheme outside the building remains the same?surrealI guess.

The former Toys R Us store was used as it was and became a gun store

In addition, anotheruserButtwitterandshare. Underneath the name of the gun store is a sign that reads “Guns and Ammo.”

localmediaAccording to Yuma’sToys “R” Usthe store is2018It was closed around April. The abandoned store was later repurposed as a firearms store.

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Me tooAmericaWhen I was intoylike every weekToys “R” UsI used to go to theToys “R” UsandNetPushed by the wave of mail order, it was forced to close, and finally,realI was overwhelmed with an indescribable feeling that I had become a gun dealer.

refrences:Did an Old Toys ‘R’ Us Building Later Become a Gun Store? | Snopes.com/ written by Scarlet / edited by / parumo

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A toy store that sells dreams to children “Toys R Us” was reborn as a firearms store

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