A white angel will announce the arrival of the Three Wise Men in Madrid in a Parade led by peace

Music and circus will entertain the arrival of Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar to the Plaza de Cibeles


A white angel will fly through the sky of Madrid this Thursday and will announce the arrival of the Three Wise Men in the city in this year’s Parade, which will have peace as the main protagonist through the three royal floats, accompanied by eight others and ten professional companies that will fill the center of the capital with magic and color.

This was announced by the delegate for Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Madrid City Council, Andrea Levy, who this morning walked through the Plaza Mayor with the three royal emissaries, as well as visiting the Casa de la Panadería to announce the arrival of Their Majesties to the city.

The procession of the Kings will begin with the star of the East that will guide the caravan announced by an angel. The three Wise Men will enter Madrid tomorrow accompanied by a procession of more than a thousand people who, along with the royal carriages, will set off on the Paseo de la Castellana at 6:30 p.m.


Upon the arrival of the announcing angel in the Plaza de Cibeles, 300 biodegradable balloons will be released, as a symbol of the desire for peace and harmony, which will travel carrying “the universal message of concord, unity and brotherly love” to all places.

After the angel, created by the Paraddax Show Company, 11 riders from the Madrid Municipal Police Cavalry Squad will open the parade and ride through the streets with their horses.

They will be followed by a group of young people from the Lukas Foundation on adapted bicycles and two Naviluz buses with 50 people each.

Next, two mobile units from Samur Social and two units from SAMUR-Civil Protection will transit, accompanied by various professionals on foot.

Then it will be the turn of the EMT representatives, who will take two of its oldest and most iconic buses, the 1957 Leyland Titan and the articulated Pegaso 6035, and another modern one.

The Madrid Fire Brigade will also exhibit some of the oldest models in its museum such as the Seat 600L, the Autoescala Magirusy, the Mercedes Pump and the Escala 50.

The procession will continue with the Florentine standard-bearers of the Compagnia Bandierai degli Uffizi who, with their drums, trumpets and Renaissance flags, will announce the arrival of Their Majesties.

The movements of the sbandieratori with their launching of banners into the air are a tradition in Italy when important dates and festivities are commemorated.

The parade will continue with the Special Cavalry Unit of the Provincial Citizen Security Brigade of the National Police, made up of 11 horseback riders who will make way for the floats.


The floats of the sponsors will also be present, starting with that of the Association of Large Families of Madrid, followed by those of Amazon and Disney Junior-Movistar+. And then The Panthers Marching Band, made up of 90 young American students from the University of Northern Iowa, will cheer everyone up with their music.

The floats from RTVE, El Corte Inglés and the one from the Teatro Real will give way to the Gigante Carbonero, four meters high, in charge of the Ramón de los Heros Company, which pulls a wheelbarrow loaded with coal.

And the band of bugles and kettledrums from the Civil Guard Cavalry Group will announce the imminent arrival of the royal entourage.

The Eastern Star is the lighthouse that guides the entourage of Their Majesties the Magi. Seven archangels accompany her and meander down her luminous tail in a dance. Two angels on two separate white horses will follow and accompany the angels and archangels, allegories of peace, time, harmony, justice and nature.

Along with these characters, the crackle of the comet will surprise, represented by 40 silver stars that end up giving shape to the star that guides the Wizards.

Next, the Lady of the Night will arrive in a carriage drawn by four horses. All of them artists from the Morboria theater company.


The first to make an appearance will be King Melchor, representative of the easternmost areas of Europe, who will be accompanied by two pages, the royal page and another representing the Down Madrid Foundation.

The procession, escorted by 146 musicians from the Pittsburg High School Marching Show Band (California), will be made up of five standard-bearers and 20 pages and, around the float, another 54 pages (citizen participation and Volunteers for Madrid) who They will parade along the route.

Melchor will be in charge of bringing the baby Jesus a very special present, gold, which symbolizes sunlight, divine intelligence and spiritual goods.

Next, the carriage of King Gaspar will arrive from distant Asia. He will be assisted by his sign language translator page and a page from the Down Madrid Foundation. His gift to the baby Jesus will be the incense from the mixture of various vegetables that symbolizes spiritual cleansing.

Five standard-bearers and 20 pages will accompany the carriage of the Wizard King and, around it, another 54 pages (citizen participation and Volunteers for Madrid) will display all the exoticism of the distant continent parading along the route.

A large caravan arriving from Africa will announce the presence of the carriage of King Baltasar who will be accompanied by two royal pages and who will carry the last gift, myrrh, an aromatic resinous substance with medicinal properties that symbolizes the healing of pain.

The procession will be made up of five standard-bearers and 20 pages and another 54 pages (citizen participation and Volunteers for Madrid) who will accompany the Wizard King and will parade displaying all the magnetism of the African continent.


To conclude the parade, the artists of the Oposito Company will drive three mechanical elephants that will arrive accompanied by a squadron of metal phoenixes that will make the journey of the parade under the sound of the drums of an army of lead soldiers.

Finally, on the stage of the Plaza de Cibeles, music and the circus will be the protagonists until the floats arrive. At 6:30 p.m., the Creativa Junior Big Band, directed by Patxi Pascual, will perform. Half an hour later, the circus show by Producers of Smiles, Circlassica. Legends of Asia, will offer a performance by acrobats.

The Peredzvin Ukrainian children’s choir will sing for peace receiving the winged angel who, suspended over the sky of Madrid, will bear witness to the desire to proclaim the universal message of peace to all parts of the world. And, while the Three Wise Men arrive to address the people of Madrid, their emissaries and ambassadors will present their offerings with a piece of music by the composer Tomás Bretón.

After the speeches by the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and by Their Majesties the Three Wise Men, the Vulcano company will put the grand culmination of the Three Kings Parade 2023 with a pyrotechnic show with hundreds of fireworks and the musical theme ‘Zadok the Priest’, by Händel, as a soundtrack.

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