A woman from Mar del Plata in Cancun was hit by a car and is very serious: she needs money to save her life | Infobrisas

Yesica Sol Samoiloff fights for her life after being hit by a vehicle in Cancun, apparently driven by an alcoholic minor. The young woman from Mar del Plata was on a motorcycle and due to the crash her partner died and she is very serious.

His family asks for financial help to be able to pay for the hospitalization. The 33-year-old woman suffered a skull fracture and various injuries to her body.

The incident occurred in the Mexican city of Cancun on December 28. The woman from Mar del Plata had been working in that place for a few months, but she did not have health insurance and, therefore, she must take care of the medical costs.

Yesica’s sister was able to travel to be with her and to be able to do the paperwork with the Argentine embassy in Mexico. However, the family has already started a collection to be able to pay for the hospitalization.

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