A young woman recently arrived in the United States dies in a traffic accident

A young woman recently arrived in the United States died in a traffic accident, according to reports on social networks.

The victim has been identified as Marena Santos, a native of the Jagüey Grande municipality, in Matanzas.

Facebook users say the girl had been in the United States for less than a month, and that she had recently graduated from Jagüey High School.

A friend identified as Natalia Rodríguez, detailed in the comments section of a publication by youtuber Alain Lambert Sánchez, (Cuban Paparazzi), that Marena died in a car accident.

Capture from Facebook / Alain Cuban Paparazzi

“My Marenita, how much we are going to miss you. This news has been very hard for everyone, heaven will have a great person,” he said.

Until the time of writing this note, no details of the death of the young woman or any information about the tragic incident have been disclosed.

In recent months several Cubans have died in traffic accidents in the United States, some with very little time in the country.

In October, Lázaro José Cordero Corría, known as El Gato, a native of Havana, died in such an event, barely six months after arriving to that country.

Several compatriots asked for help on social networks to repatriate his remains to Cuba, where his entire family resides, including his two little girls.

In December, Alain Hernández Rodríguez, a 42-year-old Cuban trucker, died in a traffic accident in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, when he lost control of his vehicle and flipped over onto the freeway.

Alain, a resident of West Palm Beach, Florida, was pronounced dead at the scene. His wife and his minor son were in Guyana, waiting for his visa interview to travel to the United States and join him.

In November, the Cuban Marcos Cabrera, who had been in the United States for a few months, was driving a moped at the intersection of Okeechobee Road and 117th Avenue, Hialeah, when he was struck by a pickup truck, causing severe brain injuries and various fractures.

The young man only had his father as a relative in that country, so his family requested a humanitarian visa for his mother, so that she could help him in the rehabilitation process.

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