Abkhazia and the world: events and people of the year

For many years, on the eve of the next New Year, I have been asking several residents of Abkhazia with interview questions. Today six people have taken part in this traditional poll.

This is how she answered questions Madina Shlarba, teacher of the Abkhaz language from Sukhum:

“The main event in 2020 in your personal life.

– No matter how unusual it may sound, the main event of this year for me is that all members of my family are safe and sound, as well as my closest relatives, friends, classmates, with whom we still closely communicate. I am happy that these people dear to my heart are near.

– The most important, in your opinion, event of the year in Abkhazia.

– Well, whatever one may say, this is the presidential elections in the country. Some kind of stability in society is needed. Although I myself defiantly voted against everyone at the polling station (this was recorded by cameras). And, apparently, she was right.

– The most important event of the year in the world.

– An event in the generally accepted sense, of course, you cannot call it, but the fact that the whole world is turned upside down and the planet has gone wrong is unambiguous. Life with this covid was divided into “before” and “after”. The only hope is that in the new year the disease will recede or we will learn to live with it, everything will settle down and it will be better in the future. God grant!

– Person of the Year in Abkhazia.

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– In my personal and deep conviction, these are two people. The first is Khibla Levarsovna Gerzmava, who had an anniversary this year. Being far from the Motherland, she does many times more than many in power, being here. In every small or large concert, he must sing a song in the Abkhaz language. Thank you for your soul, sincerity and love for your audience. And another person of the year in Abkhazia – Irakli Khintba, director of Rusdram named after F. Iskander. With his arrival, the theater was transformed, became loved by the people. And in such a difficult time, I managed to find an opportunity for the theater to go to the most prestigious festival and win the Grand Prix! Bravo, people from Rusdram and personally Irakli Khintba!

– Person of the Year in the world.

– I would name Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation. You can relate to him in different ways, but the fact that he is an extraordinary personality on a global scale is a fact.

– Your wishes for the New Year to our country and its people

– I wish our long-suffering people stability, well-being, health, patience and prosperity. We have earned the right to live well on God-given land. “

Valery Biguaa, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Leading Researcher of the Ethnology Department of the Institute for Humanitarian Research of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia, the main event in his life this year called the success of the monograph “The Ritual World of the Traditional Religion of the Abkhaz” (Moscow, Max-press, 2018), which was highly appreciated in reviews a number of Abkhaz and Russian scientists, and in the world – the Karabakh crisis. The Person of the Year in Abkhazia, in his opinion, is Aslan Bzhania. Biguaa did not go into the explanation of his choice, but his adherents in this matter usually say this: this politician, who was apparently poisoned last year in order to exclude him from the presidential race, and was between life and death for a long time, managed not only get on his feet, but also won the presidential elections. Already this he went down in history.

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Irakli Khintba, Director of the Sukhum Russian Drama Theater named after Fazil Iskander, answered the first question as follows:

“For me, my personal life is inseparable from my professional life. Therefore, the main event is a qualitative leap in the Iskander Theater, which managed to increase its creative potential under conditions of quarantine and conduct triumphant tours in Russian cities, including Moscow. “ His answer to the second question was: “Presidential elections that determined the course of the state for the coming years”, and on the third – “This year has been clouded by the monstrous COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the lives of all of us. Therefore, the event of the year I consider the invention of the world’s first vaccine against coronavirus in Russia. “ He found it difficult to name personally someone the person of the year in Abkhazia and the world and said this: “People of the Year are Abkhaz doctors and medical personnel involved in the fight against COVID-19, as well as our businessmen and individuals who have supported this fight with significant financial resources.” Accordingly, the doctors of the world.

Similarly, to the question about the person of the year in Abkhazia, he answered Nikolai Medvensky, historian, deputy director of the Museum of Military Glory of the Republic of Abkhazia: “For me, it is a Doctor who saves lives from COVID-19 every hour of the day.”

And here Robert Yaylyan, a public and political figure, named Akhru Avidzba the person of the year in Abkhazia. It can be assumed that this meant not only his role in changing the power commands in the country at the beginning of the year, but also his role in helping Abkhazia to the people of Nagorno-Karabakh. It is natural that Yaylyan called the war in Nagorno-Karabakh the event of the year in the world.

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Valery Biguaa and the journalist also answered this question Indira Barcic… The latter, in addition, answered the question about the person of the year in the world: “Vladimir Putin who stopped the bloodshed in Karabakh”. Valery Biguaa was also named here, while Robert Yaylyan was named President of France Emmanuel Macron.

Along with the traditional wishes for the country and the people in the coming year, the following sounded – to get rid of the COVID-19 pandemic as soon as possible and forever.

The text contains toponyms and terminology used in the self-proclaimed republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia


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