About ram, donuts, HIV and chicken. Kind and inspirational stories of 2020

The outgoing 2020 turned out to be so difficult that even realists who do not believe in miracles are waiting for its end. To prevent anxiety, psychologists advised people not to open news sites. However, to say that there was a solid negative is also wrong. Editorial staff Kaktus.media decided to recall the good stories that correspondents wrote about in 2020. They are about people who inspire or simply remind that kindness, honesty, faith and love are still alive.

The story of Almaz Raev, who raises Kyrgyz chicken

Tynimgul Eshieva told about her meeting with a wonderful person who grows a gray Kyrgyz chicken and spreads knowledge about it.

The gray chicken is the only breed in Central Asia that was included in the USSR encyclopedia.

They learned about Almaz in Tajikistan and later in Italy at the Terra Madra (Mother Earth) festival. In 2019, the Mirbek Nur PF continued breeding and distribution of local chickens: they created a club of poultry lovers in Kochkor, where members were provided with Kyrgyz gray chicken free of charge for breeding. Later, Almaz also began cooperation with the Food Security Alliance of Kyrgyzstan. Several local and specialized agribusiness media made stories about a Kochkor farmer’s experience in breeding Kyrgyz gray chicken.

How to turn a hobby into a business. The good story of Nargiz with her unique donut recipe

Nargiz Balbaeva is a happy wife and mother of six children who lives in Kant. She is 31.

Nargiz has a love for cooking since childhood, and she did not take special courses anywhere. It all started with the fact that one of the children fell ill with meningitis, and a lot of money was spent on his treatment. Nargiz’s husband ran into big debts to provide the baby with all the necessary medicines and examinations. Nargiz decided that she should also contribute to the family’s finances to help her husband. She stopped at home cooking to earn money and at the same time be close to the children. Now she prepares incredibly delicious donuts to order.

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Sabina living with HIV: The immunodeficiency virus has played a positive role in my life

Thanks to modern medicines, life with HIV is almost no different from the life of a person without health features. For Sabina Anarbaeva, infection with the immunodeficiency virus has become a stage in a new, happy life. Once, Sabina was betrayed by the man she was going to marry – he infected her with HIV.

Sabina accepted herself and her new status and helps others to do it. She also met her beloved man and built a happy family with him.

In Kant, a man hung up advertising banners to find the owners of the ram

Alizhan, a resident of Kant, hung up advertising banners to find the owners of the ram who came to his yard. At first, the man was looking for the owner of the animal in various groups in social networks and instant messengers, but the real owner of the ram did not respond. During this time, Alizhan managed to name the animal Vasya and make friends with him.

Vasya’s owner was found right there as soon as Alizhan hung up the banners. The ram returned home.

Orphanage graduate, single mother with disabilities: Thanks to people, but not to the state

Anastasia Klimenko is 32 years old, she is a graduate of an orphanage and has a disability of the 1st group since birth.

She has intrauterine underdevelopment of both hands and feet, as well as a spinal hernia. Despite this, she works as a postman at the state post office # 1 and is raising two children alone.

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“I have no other hands, I had to learn to live and work with those that I have. I used to be ashamed of my hands. Thanks to my former young man, he helped me overcome this complex in myself. He said:” You have to live with these hands all your life, not hide them. “Then I thought. And then, it happened, I came to visit, if there were strangers, I could not eat at the table, just not to show my hands,” – said the woman.

Anastasia is grateful to the people she met in life, and notes that in most cases they helped her cope with difficulties.

About James, who became Zhakyp, and a special cafe

In June, a small sandwich shop Solomon Sandwiches opened in Bishkek. The peculiarity of the institution is its employees. People with disabilities work here.

The cafe belongs to the married couple Nurmat and Dina, as well as their partner James.

He came to Kyrgyzstan for the first time five years ago to travel with friends. I fell so much in love with the country and people that a year later I decided to move here with my wife. Today he speaks fluent Kyrgyz and volunteers.

Well, what about the story of the guys working at Solomon Sandwiches.

“My life has changed.” Artyom with Down’s Syndrome about how he started working in a cafe

Artem is 25 years old. He works in a cafe and lives alone. The guy is satisfied with his work: “Everything works out well for me. We get along with the guys who work here. We are good friends. Nurmat, Dina’s husband, invited me to work. When my mother and I came, they selected a work schedule for me to make it convenient. The salary suits me.” …

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Artyom gets to work by himself on a trolleybus, on weekends he helps dad and mom look after their younger brother and sister. In addition to work, Artem has many hobbies – he goes to dances, draws, is engaged in photography, and also graduated from school and received a chef diploma. “I would like to study at the institute,” the guy shared.


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