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Wanda Dench is a granny from the United States that in 2016 started a tradition unintentionally. Sended a accidentally text a stranger to invite him to the family Thanksgiving dinner. Even when he noticed his mistake, he kept his invitation and in 2021 it will be the sixth time that Jamal Hinton will attend dinner with Wanda and her family.

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It was in November 2016, when Hinton, then 17, received a text message from an unknown number. It was an invitation to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. When asked who it was, the person replied, “Your grandmother.”

Jamal asked for a photo of the person, to make sure it was his grandmother. What he received was a selfie of a woman he had never seen before. It was about Wanda Dench.

Granny mistakenly invited young man on Thanksgiving Day

It all started with a message that was for someone else | Photo: Twitter @ Jamalhinton12

Hinton replied, “You’re not my grandmother,” adding a laughing emoji. And he added, “Can I still go to dinner?”

Dench replied, “Of course you can. That’s what (grandmothers) do… Feed everyone ”.

Hinton decided to accept Dench’s offer. He went home to Mesa, Arizona, about a 25-minute drive from his south Phoenix home, for Thanksgiving dinner with Wanda and her family. Error has become a tradition.

Granny mistakenly invited young man on Thanksgiving Day

The mistake gave rise to a tradition | Photo: Twitter @ Jamalhinton12

What started as a misdirected text message has grown into a friendship that continues to charm the world. Hinton shared her 2016 exchange on social media and won over the internet with her endearing story.

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Although Dench was initially embarrassed by the mistake in 2016, she said, both she and Hinton are very grateful that it happened.

“Family is more than blood,” Dench said. “It’s the people you want to be with.”

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