Abuse and incest This highly esteemed MEP? Horror in the family

“Abuse and incest”. This highly esteemed MEP? Horror in the family: the scandal that overwhelms the left (On Tuesday 5 January 2021)
It is a story of silence, accusations and incest that of the family Kouchner in France. Camille Kouchner, 45, lawyer and daughter of Bernard Kouchner, a humanitarian doctor and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, is about to publish a book with burning revelations about her stepfather, Olivier Duhamel, 70, a famous Parisian political scientist and socialist MEP since 1997 to 2004. The man, who until yesterday afternoon was the president of the prestigious “Fondation nationale des sciences politiques”, resigned a few minutes after the French newspapers began to publish the first extracts of Camille’s book, La familia grande . The lawyer says that after the divorce of her parents, from the age of eight, she grew up with her elder brother Julien, with her twin, her mother Evelyn Pisier and her second husband, Duhamel, who became the pillar of … Read on liberoquotidiano

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