According to experts, these will be the 7 main global home decor trends in 2021

In 2021, these trends will be in all glossy magazines, Instagram and Pinterest. Unsurprisingly, the past year, when we spent more time at home than usual, has reduced almost everything to comfort (whatever that means to each of us). Perhaps for some, these are the pure colors and minimalism of Japanese aesthetics, and for others, a soft sofa that reminds of grandma’s house …

Japandi style

The combination of Japanese design and Scandinavian minimalism is the Japandi style (from japan and scandi). These are smooth lines and neutral color palettes. From Scandinavia – practicality, orderly storage and love for natural materials, and from Japan – restraint and simplicity.

After a turbulent and full of surprises in 2020, the designers propose to transform our homes into serene sanctuaries, full of tranquility and harmony.

Japandi style

Neon lights

For the Zoomers generation (people born between 1997 and 2020), there is a return to neon lighting redesigned with a modern twist.

Non-standard neon signs with fun fonts and neon LED lights are in trend. On Pinterest, since October last year, the number of searches for “neon room” has increased (compared to October 2019) by 8 times, and searches for “LED signs” – 3 times.

For everyone, an excellent choice is fluorescent lamps.

Neon lighting in the room

New hygge – Friluftsliv on the balcony

The pandemic has shifted meetings and celebrations to the outdoors, so open spaces at home – balconies, loggias, terraces, verandas, courtyards and even rooftops – have taken on a new meaning. Instead of accepting the already familiar Danish hygge and comfortably settling down in their apartment or house, covering the floor from the whole world with a warm blanket / blanket, many people supported the new concept of freeluftsliving (“life in the open air”) that came from Norway.

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The word “freeluft slip” consists of three parts: fri, luft and liv = “freedom”, “air” and “life”… It first appeared in the poem “On the Heights”, written by a Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen in 1859. The hero of the poem at the end of the poem leaves civilization forever. Modern Norwegians do not urge to “leave”, they simply suggest spending more time outdoors, even in cold weather.

Loggia in a city apartment

2021 is the year when designers propose to take out all the garbage from the balconies, decorate with flowers / houseplants, if possible, and in winter with conifers and equip them with comfortable chairs / armchairs (depending on the size of the space), and possibly coffee tables. Now it’s time to move all the blankets, pillows, candles and other cozy joys to the street and how wonderful it is if you have a glassed-in balcony or lodge!

Another option for decorating the loggia

Screens and partitions

Both Etsy and Pinterest predict a shift away from large open living spaces in favor of cozy themed corners. As apartments now serve multiple functions – a home office for some, a gym for others, and creative space for others – the need for privacy and separate areas has increased significantly.

Screen in the interior of the room

In demand: screens, partitions, “screens”.

Another option for using a screen in the interior of a room

Earth tones

Earthy tones including beige, brown, burnt umber and terracotta, very popular in 2021. Renewed interest in browns is in vogue: warm gray-brown, beige, sand …

Room interior created using earth tones

You can recoup on posters, curtains or bedding.

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One more example andliving room interior, created using earth tones

Oversized large tiles versus “mosaic”

Avoid tiny tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, go for larger tiles!

Fewer grout lines means less cleanup and less visual clutter. Plus, large format tiles help to visually expand a small space.

Large tiles in the kitchen

Grandmillennial style

Inspired by the comforts of grandma’s home (comfy couch and armchairs, hand embroidery, crocheted napkins, floral curtains, houseplants, crystal and family china), millennials (people born from 1981 to 1996) decorate their homes with a nostalgic feeling style.

Grandmillennial style

In 2021, expect to see vintage details and old-school patterns blended with bold modern colors.

And another version of the grandmillennial style


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