Actress Larisa Golubkina was again hospitalized

Actress Larisa Golubkina

People’s Artist of the RSFSR, actress Larisa Golubkina said that she was in a rehabilitation center due to a hip fracture. She explained that she was injured back in December 2020.

However, according to her, then the operation was postponed due to the coronavirus. RIA Novosti… “It so happened that I did not have the operation right away, because I had COVID and overlapped one another, that’s all,” she commented.

Recall that in December Golubkina fell during a rehearsal, all performances with her participation were canceled. Then she was hospitalized due to a broken leg.

Golubkina is a Russian and Soviet actress. The popularity and love of the audience brought her the role of Shurochka Azarova in the comedy “Hussar Ballad”. Other famous films by Golubkina include “Give a Book of Complaints”, “Three Men in a Boat, Excluding a Dog”, “The Tale of Tsar Saltan” and others. This year Golubkina turned 81 years old.

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