Adel Mechaal will try to bend 1,500m and 5,000 meters in Tokyo

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    Nobility Mechaal He is the athlete who plays the most clubs in Spanish athletics. European and Olympic runner-up in 5,000m in 2016, European champion in the following winter in 3,000m, on the verge of medals in the 1,500m in London 2017 and again a jump to the bottom to double 5,000 and 10,000m in the Berlin European, where he ran out of medals, and return to the kilometer and a half in Doha 2019.

    The Catalan has spent almost a year in Turkey, the country of his wife, the also athlete Emine Hatun, and there he took advantage of the pandemic break to debut in a half marathon with 1h02: 30. The jump to the route has a turn back: he insists, as he has always said, that in the Tokyo Olympics He wants to return to 1,500m, although now he is considering going further and doubling it with 10,000 meters.

    “I have a very clear objective, to be the champion of Spain in the 1,500m on June 24 (in Getafe) and qualify for the Olympic Games. I am clear that I want to be there. We must remove the minimum of 5,000 meters [13:13.50, dos segundos menos que su marca personal de 2016] as soon as possible, repeat the 1,500m [3:35.00] and the intention is to double down and go for both in the Spanish Championship so as not to be left out of the Games, “he explains to Runner’s World. Mechaal hopes that this National is normal and the calendar, with a direct finish of 5,000m, The athlete has already managed to hang two golds in four national championships: 1,500 and 3,000m in 2015 and 2018 on the indoor track and 1,500m and 5,000m in 2015 and 2017 outdoors.

    At the orders of Antonio Serrano again

    Mechaal is a restless man, of constant change. Now 15 months ago he decided to leave Antonio Serrano, tired of living in the CAR in Madrid, and put himself under the command of Carles Castillejo in Barcelona. He could return from Turkey directly to Catalonia and be close to his family in Palamós. After a year in which confinement has practically not allowed him to see his new coach, he has now entrusted his Olympic preparation to Serrano.

    Adel won his fifth 3,000m indoor title in Gallur this Sunday with a powerful change of pace to the sound of the bell that unraveled the fastest European of this year, the muleño Mohamed Katir, which had been unnecessarily exhibited in the semifinals. It happened in a slower race than the Catalan expected (8: 20.17) in which he had planned to train one last kilometer at 2:22 or 2:21. “We closed in 2:24, but knowing that he could have forced more in the last 200 meters,” he explained satisfied.

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    That final rhythm is what will allow him to fight for the medals at the Torun European Championship. “It’s always tough, but I think I’m close to my 2018 level in Birmingham. [aquel invierno firmó su marca personal, 7:40.14; este año tiene 7:48.26], although I have not done preparation at altitude like for Belgrade 2017 or Birmingham “. Mechaal thinks above all in the summer, but recognizes that since he does not know if the Olympic Games will be canceled, he must take advantage of any opportunity.” Torun is a candy that there and I’m going to try to eat it. “

    The olympic calendar

    • August 3 – 1st round of 1,500m (morning)
    • August 3 – 1st round of 5,000m (afternoon)
    • August 5 – 1,500m Semifinals
    • August 6 – 5,000m Final
    • August 7 – 1,500m Final

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