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(NOTICIAS YA) .- Mexican genius girl, who has a higher IQ than Einstein, is pursuing two university degrees and was accepted into a NASA program.

Adhara Maite Pérez, 11 years old, study two engineering degrees at the CNCI University thanks to a scholarship, but his dream is to be scientist and astronaut, according to the publication of ADN40mx.

The girl, born in Veracruz, was invited to Alabama to represent Mexico and asked for support from the filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, since he does not have the financial resources to fulfill his dream of reaching NASA.

He requested the support of the winner of the Oscar for Best Director and who has been known for supporting noble causes.

“Mr. Guillermo del Toro, I’m Adhara Maite, I study two engineering studies at the CNCI school, I was invited to Alabama representing Mexico, I dream of being an astronaut,” Adhara wrote.

At age three, Pérez was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and his accomplishments are destroying misconceptions about disabilities.

“Still, she never gave up. In fact, he turned to one of his heroes for guidance. Adhara followed the example of Stephen Hawking; she said that despite having a disability, it did not stop her from achieving great things. She will always admire him because she likes black holes, “said her mother Nayeli Sánchez proudly.

Your dreams point to space and undoubtedly is on the right track:

  • In 2019 the genius girl participated in SpaceUp México, an event where space was discussed.
  • And in 2020 the University of Arizona invited her to visit the NASA facilities.
  • It has now been accepted into the International Air and Space Program 2021.
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Adhara’s ultimate dream is to be an astronaut, and for now, his goal is to reach the University of Arizona in the United States, where was invited to study Astrophysics, added the news outlet.

It is worth mentioning that in 2019, Forbes magazine included her in the list of the 100 most powerful women in Mexico.


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